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Thru October 15 LATINO ARTS INC.: Christianne Clados: Reconstructing the Pre-Columbian World. 1028 S. 9th St. Thru October 30 WOODLAND PATTERN: Printed matter(s) by Susan E. King; Book Art Exhibit. Oct 8 thru Jan 2 MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM: Super Hits of the 70s. Oct 9 thru OCT 31 HOTCAKES GALLERY: Lauren Feece Solo Show. HOTCAKES […]

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Riverwest Alumni Gather

About 200 people gathered for a Riverwest “alumni” get-together on Sept. 23. People who have moved away reconnected with those who have stayed here in the neighborhood, and their stories filled the dining room out at Alioto’s Restaurant on Mayfair Road. Local historian Tom Tolan was on hand, as well as Greg Borowski, author of […]

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North Division Renaissance

by Linda Corbin-Pardee In the midst of a renaissance taking place at North Division High School, an artist is working with kids on a project that represents an earlier renaissance. Riverwest artist Eddie Davis has designed a mural and, with student help, is bringing it to life in the hallways.

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Trash or Treasure?

by Carrie Trousil What is art? A Rodin sculpture? Sure. What about the tail end of a Cadillac, sunk into the hillock of a Humboldt Boulevard yard? It’s definitely debatable, but no matter what your take, there is quite a lot of stuff in this latter category gracing our Riverwest properties. For the sake of […]

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Granny’s Books

by Kelly Voss As a used and rare bookseller, one of the first things folks disclose to me upon learning what I do, is that they have a terrifically valuable old book their grandma gave them, tucked away for a rainy day. This is usually accompanied by a certain amount of excitement in their voice, […]

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