Archive | August 2004

Riverwest Neighborhood Association Report — July 2004 Meeting

Presentations Carrie Lewis, Superintendent, Department of Water Works, provided an update on the Reservoir. Currently there are two studies in process: one is research on ways to “mitigate the curve” on North Avenue, for which there is at least $300,000 in federal money available. Engineers are also developing a 3-D display and perspective drawings of […]

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Further Down Stream August 2004

The Academy of Unconventional Art (3172 N. Bremen St.) is offering a one-month workshop on the basics of oil painting. The nine classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays. Greg Jacobon and Shawn Gurath will conduct the classes. Gurath describes the classes as “classical in foundation, but branching off into contemporary concepts” with a focus […]

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The Missing Link

Riverwest’s long-awaited bike trail, which would run south from Gordon Park along the old railroad right-of-way, may be in jeopardy if action isn’t taken soon to launch the project…

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