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1 SUNDAY ART BAR: Open canvas artist. Emma Boyle. 6-11 PM. CIRCLE A: “Alive at 8” w/the Riverwest Aces. 8 PM. $2. RootSunday. 10 PM. EMOTIONS ANONYMOUS: Weekly meeting at St. Mary Czestochowa. 6 PM. 414/372-8085. MAD PLANET: Braid, Murder by Death, Temper Temper, the Response. All ages. 5 PM. 1-800-594-TIXX. RIVERWEST GARDENERS MARKET: DivaNation. […]

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Moonshine Sway Seven Years

by Jeremy Berg Alt-country is a funny beast, ranging from the gothic Christian bluegrass of 16 Horsepower to the old-school-country-isn’t-really-different-from-punk- rock-here-I’ll-show-you of Jason and The Scorchers or Uncle Tupelo. The only real rules are 1) stay true to country’s heart and 2) try something different…

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Harrison’s Way

In the course of finishing his new chapbook, “had it c_ming,” published by Release, John Tyson, editor of Accurate Key, sat down to reminisce with Bob Harrison. Harrison edits Crayon with Andrew Levy, and Bronze Skull Press recently had “Moia” published by Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs…

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