Archive | July 2004

The Fatherhood Collaborative

by Julia Kolker / photos by JennyMarie Farris Frank Vogel’s admiration of his own father and devotion to his family has inspired him to help others become better fathers. In March, Vogel joined the Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative, a network of support and social services dedicated to promoting and strengthening fatherhood among at-risk men, such as […]

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Ray Charles 1930-2004

by Rob McCuen Here’s a travesty for ya. Brother Ray is dead at 73, and the “liberal media” spends a week frothing at the mouth with an endless barrage of Ronnie Raygun flim-flam, while reducing the great Ray Charles to a mere footnote. For those of us with our hearts and souls still intact, we […]

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Rock’nRoll Evan

by PP D’CaCa Evan Tyson walks in the room talking a mile a minute. “You gotta hear this CD! It’s the best disc this year so far!” Eagles of Death Metal blasts through the boom box. A campy hyper-speed Marc Bolan sound. The conversation careens through early ’70s glam rock and his fondness for such […]

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Girl Saints

Author: CX Dillhunt / Review by: Yolanda D. White Were it not for the angels and patron saints surrounding fifth grader CX Dillhunt’s orphanage bed, he may never have written a book of poems–or at least that’s the impression I came away with after reading his book of poems, “Girl Saints.” …

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