D’Amato Puts Cruising Legislation on Hold

Michael D’Amato, 3rd District Alderman, has asked Ald. Donovan, chair of the Public Safety Committee, to hold Ald. McGee’s proposed legislation regarding cruising at the Public Safety Committee meeting on June 24 until a neighborhood meeting can be held. The neighborhood meeting would allow any residents with concerns to voice their opinions to the aldermen. Ald. D’Amato does not support Ald. McGee’s proposed legislation to designate a “cruising corridor” on Capitol Dr. from 5th and Humboldt. As soon as Ald. D’Amato has additional information regarding the time and place of a neighborhood meeting, details will be provided. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Ald. D’Amato’s office at 286-3447.