Archive | May 2004

Louie Lucchesi

by Rob McCuen Fans of late 80s and early 90s local rock may remember Louie Lucchesi as the frontman of the sublimely slick and criminally overlooked “Crime Family,” an assemblage of hot-shot local players who brought a slice of Roxy Musicesque pop to our fair city.

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Drowning My Sorrows

Yeah, I know, we here at Barhopper are a public service to the good folks in Riverwest. But I’m afraid I have to use my awesome power (that would be my ATM card) to serve my own ends this month. What can I say, it was still winter in spring, I couldn’t get Pixies tickets […]

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If you missed art critic James Auer‘s March 31 comments in the Journal Sentinel, stop and pay attention. He’s piqued by artists who, when speaking to the public about works they’ve produced, express themselves with “like you know, ah, um.” He suggests art schools should incorporate public speaking into their curriculum. Wise words from one […]

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