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by Brian Kalish Confluencia, or confluence, carries several connotations: the joining of two ideas, collaboration between two people, a juncture or intersection. Leandro Soto and Raoul Deal, who together created Confluencias, the featured exhibit at Walker’s Point Center for the Arts (WPCA) through May 22, have stretched the idea of confluence beyond any literal interpretation […]

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by Tanya Cromartie-Twaddle The Moon Glow, Satin Doll, The Congo Room, The Bamboo Club! Where did all the good times go? Blame it on the freeway. John Schneider’s “Jazz” is the coolest way to learn the history of Milwaukee’s Bronzeville, a long-gone African American neighborhood centered around Walnut Street…

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Couch Flambeau

by Jeremy Berg Twenty-two years ago, a Milwaukee band calling themselves the Couch Potatoes first recorded their thoughts on Cudahy, guest lists, and some guy named Eddie (all thumbs down). The name changed to Couch Flambeau, but, fortunately for us all, their sanity only declined further over the next two decades, as detailed in 37 […]

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The Pub

by Rob McCuen They come from all corners of the city. Pretenders, has beens, wanna-be’s, hip-hoppers, rockers, jazzers, punks, cowboys, poets, hard-bitten professionals, and lounge lizards with anemic chops. It’s Tuesday night at the corner of N. Fratney and E. Wright, and though it’s only 9, the joint is already startin’ to jump…

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