Archive | February 2004

Third Aldermanic Candidate Forum: A Look at Options

When five 3rd District aldermanic candidates gathered at Gordon Park Pavilion on a bitterly cold night last month, about 75 residents turned out to hear their positions on important city and neighborhood issues. Predictably, the most controversial questions centered around development, parking, and homeowner-student relations in the UWM area.

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It’s Community Central at Gee’s

by Tamara Key And he scores!!! This is exactly what Gaulien Smith did when he came up with a Milwaukee Bucks theme for his barber shop, Gee’s Clippers. When asked how this theme came about, he says, “I’ve always been a Milwaukee Bucks fans…since I was a cub.”

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How Does Road Salt Affect Soil Quality?

Ever wonder why some plants stay greener longer in the fall? What causes the leaves to change colors and why are some leaves red, orange or yellow? What’s the big deal about this invisible gas, carbon dioxide? What’s the big deal about exotic plants? Is air pollution getting any better?

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Carsharing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

by Belle Bergner How would you like to have a key to a few dozen dependable cars across Milwaukee, available at a moment’s notice and without the hassle of sudden repairs at a fraction of the cost? A growing new industry across the country aims to give you just that.

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