Archive | February 2004

RIC Opportunities

The Riverwest Investment Co-op (RIC) has opportunities for people to build up some sweat equity. Work days are Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.; contact Jim Klisch at or 414/403-0480. Appropriate work wear is required. RIC is also accepting members and investors; prospective buyers are also welcome to contact the group at . […]

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County Execs Discuss Environmental Viewpoints

The Milwaukee County Conservation Coalition hosted a public forum January 26 with County Executive candidates Joe Klein (I), David Riemer (D), and County Executive Scott Walker (R). Here’s a report on where they stand on issues, particularly those in which differences of opinion were expressed.

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Mayoral Candidates on “Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods”

“Sherman Park, Riverwest, and Merrill Park are three of Milwaukee’s most ethnically diverse neighborhoods. Each year Milwaukee showcases its dynamic ethnic diversity with festivals at the lakefront. Yet a disconnect still persists between these inclusive, celebrative ethnic festivals and everyday reality in many of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods. How would you, as Mayor, help foster more communication […]

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