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Police Chief, Water Works Head Meet with Riverwest Residents

by Lorraine Jacobs and Sonya Jongsma Knauss At the Riverwest Neighborhood Association’s final meeting of the year, several city officials generously gave up part of their evening to answer questions from neighbors. First up was a presentation by new police chief Nan Hegerty, who was accompanied by Capt. James Shepard, Lt. Don Gaglione, and P.O. […]

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January 2004

Aldermanic races – Holton St. bike lane – Common Council doings – Riverwest Yogashala – New Captain of 5th Dist. – Milwaukee Recreation 55+ String Ensemble – Mary Horwitt Piano Scholarship – Strive Media – SDC – Palmer to expand to K-8 – Corrections

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Amada Morales

by Peter Schmidtke The orange Chuck E. Cheese balloon trapped against the high white ceiling of Amada Morales and Curtis Green’s one-bedroom apartment is too much for one-year-old Jordan. He peers up at it and giggles while his mother tickles the curls that form a natural mohawk atop his head, his face all eyes and […]

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