Archive | January 2004

New Year, Same Bad Habits

That’s right, it’s a whole new year and all that, and what do we have here for you at The Barhopper? Another column full of hazy recollections about what some guy wrote on the bathroom wall. Yeah, we wouldn’t have it any other way either. This month: The Uptowner and Hop Back Inn

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Stitch by Stitch, Bead by Bead

by Jackie Reid Dettloff Anne Kingsbury is known to many Riverwesters as the founder and director of Woodland Pattern Book Center. But what people may not know is that Kingsbury is a visual artist extraordinaire, “one of Wisconsin’s more accomplished but under-hyped artists,” according to one critic. This fall, her hand-stitched creations have been on […]

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City of Milwaukee Cleaning Up Its Act

The target this time is brownfields, a term coined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to define “abandoned, idled, or under-utilized industrial and commercial facilities where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination.” The term brownfield was first used to distinguish developed land from unused suburban and rural land, […]

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Why Same Sex Marriage Equality Matters

by Patrick Flaherty No sooner had the dust settled on a U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down laws criminalizing sex for gays and lesbians than a new decision from the Massachusetts Supreme Court came out: lesbian and gay couples could not only “get it on” in the privacy of their own homes without worrying about […]

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