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Banning Queer Marriage
The Closet Homosexual’s Wet Dream

The morality police are coming!

Shit. Can’t they just stay in Afghanistan and leave us to our separation-of-church-and-state Constitution?

Oh, and what about that pesky Constitution? Is this historical document too old, or is it too modern for America’s Taliban? I just can’t figure it out.

Didn’t they learn anything from Prohibition, when the 20th Century’s Puritans tried to legislate their own rendition of quasi-biblical reality? I mean, exactly how would you, in the name of the guy who changed water into wine, preach that drinking is so sinful it had to be completely forbidden? Of course in the end, the ways of Jesus won out and that messed up amendment was rescinded. Now we can all drink to life!

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Art vs. (Witch)Craft

While the rest of the kids are busy slamming quadruple espressos and filling ashtrays to unnatural capacities at Fuel Cafe, some may want to escape to Riverwest’s newest addition Tree of Life. Located across the street from the Foundation at 2713 N. Bremen St., Tree of Life serves as a bookstore, artisan gallery and temple for Milwaukee’s Neo-Pagan/Wiccan community.