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David Riemer to Challenge Scott Walker

A resident of the Washington Heights neighborhood, Riemer is running on a strong platform of fiscal responsibility and government efficiency, issues to which Walker also pays plenty of lip service. But Riemer, a moderate Democrat, says there’s a real difference between their strategies. “Walker is consistently underestimating expenses and overestimating revenues. This is NOT an […]

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The Transfiguration of St. Casimir and St. Mary

In the world of corporate business, mergers and acquisitions are exercises in power, wealth, and influence. But when a church merges it is most often, at least to secular eyes, a symptom of weakness: declining membership, lowering financial stability, more funerals than baptisms, shortage of pastoral and lay leadership, scandal, irrelevance to contemporary spiritual taste.

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Nuts and Balls: An XXX-Mas Craft Show

by Judith Ann Moriarty Ho. Ho. Where can you find an XXX-Mas Reindeer Cock Cozy with silvery balls that jingle-jangle, stately nutcrackers depicting ex-cop chief Arthur Jones, Marilyn Figueroa, and Mayor John Norquist, or a wee Madonna that explodes when you light a firecracker inserted in her nether parts?

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Films for a Christmas Eve

by Dan Wilson As the holidays approach and we look for things to keep us busy (and in denial about the cold and dark), movie-watching springs to mind. Of course, you could be a traditionalist and watch those old holiday standbys like It’s a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, and White Christmas. I, on the other […]

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