Archive | December 2003

Open Mic at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn

by Brian Kalish “Does anyone have a watch in here? Anyone know what time it is?” asks Ricky Ganiere, craning his neck to survey the front room of Linneman’s Riverwest Inn. It’s Wednesday evening, nearing the 9 p.m. sign-up for the acoustic open stage. Roughly 15 musicians toting beat up guitar cases jockey for position […]

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When Night Becomes Day

by Jim McGinity Darkness is upon us early these days. By the time the average worker returns home, the sky is pitch black, street lamps are on, and billboards and signs are the brightest beacons in the city. Falling temperatures and brisk winds add an extra chill, all of which makes this time of year […]

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Metropawlis: A Boutique for the Urban Pet

by Stacy Conroy Husband and wife team Geri and Augie Ray have just opened a hip, yet practical pet boutique on Brady Street, contributing to the revitalization of an historic Milwaukee retail district. The couple set out on a mission less than a year ago to start a business — Metropawlis — that would carve […]

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