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The Transfiguration of St. Casimir and St. Mary

In the world of corporate business, mergers and acquisitions are exercises in power, wealth, and influence. But when a church merges it is most often, at least to secular eyes, a symptom of weakness: declining membership, lowering financial stability, more funerals than baptisms, shortage of pastoral and lay leadership, scandal, irrelevance to contemporary spiritual taste.

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Nuts and Balls: An XXX-Mas Craft Show

by Judith Ann Moriarty Ho. Ho. Where can you find an XXX-Mas Reindeer Cock Cozy with silvery balls that jingle-jangle, stately nutcrackers depicting ex-cop chief Arthur Jones, Marilyn Figueroa, and Mayor John Norquist, or a wee Madonna that explodes when you light a firecracker inserted in her nether parts?

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Films for a Christmas Eve

by Dan Wilson As the holidays approach and we look for things to keep us busy (and in denial about the cold and dark), movie-watching springs to mind. Of course, you could be a traditionalist and watch those old holiday standbys like It’s a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, and White Christmas. I, on the other […]

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Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

by Thomas Durkin Ah! The smells and sounds of Christmas. Someone stoking the flames of your television fireplace. Hanging the mistletoe and placing the star atop the tree. Warming your belly with spiked eggnog. And let’s not forget the music. Face it, picking the right Christmas music is a daunting task. No one wants to […]

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