Archive | November 2003

Street Journal

A few months ago I witnessed a woman give a beggar a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot of a local check cashing spot. It blew my mind. I tried to understand. What? Was she afraid? Does she feel guilty about something and is using this chance to show her God that she is […]

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Abundant Life In Our River

by Ken Leinbach A motor boat… at least that’s what it sounds like… under the Locust Street Bridge? How did it get there? Is it legal? Who’s in it? These were the questions going through my mind as I led a small group in Riverside Park. I ran ahead to a view point and sure […]

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Fair Housing Is Your Right: Protect Yourself!

Seeking housing is never an easy task. For many Wisconsin residents, illegal discrimination makes finding and keeping housing much more difficult than it should be. Housing discrimination is common, yet most people remain unaware of its prevalence. Equal housing opportunity — the idea that all people should have equal access to all the housing they […]

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