Archive | November 2003

Riverwest Neighborhood Association News

The Riverwest Neighborhood Association meeting covered several important development and safety issues last month, as well as accepting nominations for its first slate of elected board members. Topic covered: Snail’s Crossing (Baby Park) progress – Art Bar Cafe & Gallery plans – The Riverwest Investment Co-op (RIC) house rehab – Biopak Building – Watertower Park […]

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Charles Perkins

by Jennifer Wilson If you ask Charles Perkins what he does for fun, you’ll hear answers you might expect from a young person: listen to music, play video games, and talk with friends. Talk to him a little more, though, and you’ll discover that this energetic teen has a higher calling.

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Industrial Food

by Vince Bushell Where our food comes from and how it is produced is becoming a serious concern for consumers aware of some questionable practices in the agricultural industry. Not all practices within the industry are necessarily bad, but often the choices made by the producers are related more to profit than to taste or […]

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