Archive | November 2003

Saving on a Rainy Day

Can eating a pickle help improve and protect our rivers and lakes? It certainly can in the Milwaukee area, where old pickle barrels are being transformed into rain barrels.

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Bike Trail Closer to Becoming A Reality

Recently the River Revitalization Foundation (RRF) joined Mayor Norquist, Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewerage District (MMSD) Director Kevin Schaefer, other City and County officials in Gordon Park to announce the MMSD Greenseams program purchase of an easement on the Beer Line Bike Trail.

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Fein Brothers

by Kevin Flaherty Sale items are tagged with hand-written price tags, and the lack of bar coding and creaking wood floors can make you feel like you are in an antique mall. One gets the immediate impression that this is a company that prides itself on service.

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Neighborhood Kids Don’t Fit the “Obesity Epidemic” Mold

by Brian Kalish / photo by Dan Wilson It should come as no surprise that a new generation of kids weaned on MTV and high tech video games is fighting a battle against serious weight problems. To listen to the media, it’s a battle already lost. Time magazine, in its August 25 issue, released statistics […]

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