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THROUGH NOVEMBER 13 UWM UNION ART GALLERY: “Crossing Over,” artwork by 2003 scholarship and fellowship recipients. NOVEMBER 6-16 MILWAUKEE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Films will be screened at the Oriental, Downer, Times and Union Theaters. Call 831-1776 or visit for film schedules. NOVEMBER 6-December 5 CHARLES ALLIS ART MUSEUM: Jane and Donald Doud’s collection of […]

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Bloodlines and Belonging: A Book Review

by Tanya Cromartie-Twaddle The Language of Blood is a must-read for that soul on a search for identity or birthright, regardless of ethnicity. Whether trans-racially adopted or born into a long line of blood, the reader finishes the book with a better understanding of the pain of displacement and the internal battle to reclaim self […]

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The Right to Taste: The Slow Food Manifesto

by Vince Bushell Ubiquitous “Fast Food” has moved us away from home cooking, regional dishes (ok, bratwurst, but have you had a Kielbasa recently?), and taste. The trade-off has given us consistent cheap meals that use sugar, salt, fat, and artificial flavoring to meet base level palate cravings. Chain food ties into international food conglomerates […]

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Bicycles: A Solution to Some of Milwaukee’s Problems

by Ben Hitchcock-Cross Milwaukee’s slavish devotion to the automobile causes more problems than it solves. Everyone implicitly understands that an automobile is a nearly a necessity for living around Milwaukee. This supposed necessity is killing us both ecologically and sociologically; a solution might be bicycles. While the City has tried to increase the use of […]

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