Archive | October 2003

Lawbreaking Freeway Expansionists and their Dirty Money

County Executive Scott Walker illegally accepted campaign donations totaling more than $46,000 without identifying the occupation of the source as required by law. Some of our friends from HNTB — the Halliburton of Wisconsin road building — popped up on the list of mystery donors. Among them were Ken Graham ($2,000 in donations) and Harvey […]

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A Conservatism that Once Conserved

by Richard Manning What is the foundation of this conservatism if it disregards what the neighbors might think, that is, ignores the community standard? This is not a small matter. A misguided notion of freedom lies at the heart of the suburban cancer on the landscape. My neighbors will tell you they moved because in […]

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Why the Left has Lost America

by Jim Rovira The Left has consigned itself to the peanut gallery of American politics. It’s the two old guys sitting up in the balcony taking pot shots at Kermit and Miss Piggy. It’s critique, it’s negation, it’s shame. And it’s not one of us. . . . Welcome to four more years of George […]

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