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Who are the “Cuban Five”?

Imagine a country losing over 3,000 innocent people to terrorism, including passengers on its civilian airlines, just because of their nationality. And a government defending its own citizens by monitoring and infiltrating illegal terrorist groups operating in another country. Imagine the information they found, on training camps, explosives, and related plots, being turned over to the FBI — but then the FBI arrests the informants and not the terrorists! That is the story of the “Cuban 5″…

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Drawing Resistance – slide projections

Slide Projections is a side project of Drawing Resistance – a traveling political art show. Realizing that the tour of the exhibition of 31 artworks will eventually come to an end (2001-2005) and that it can not feasibly travel to other continents due to costs, slide projections is a way to continue to showcase political […]

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Greed and poverty are products of MPS failure

by Robert Miranda

Poverty is a problem, but greed by so-called education leaders in positions of power and refusing to acknowledge this greed and corrupt political influence affecting MPS by progressive education journalists, is an injustice and is helping to destroy our public schools, in addition to prolonging poverty in our urban community and the continued growth of the privatization movement.

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This Weekend in Riverwest

THIS WEEKEND IN RIVERWEST… FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 ================== BREMEN CAFE, Bremen & Clarke, 8PM Scott Hanson & Barry Weber, $5. ONOPA, Center & Fratney New York’s Walkmen with Mount Egypt. MAC’S RED EYE, Richards & Capitol (across from Wal-Mart) Floor Model, Self-Righteous Brothers, Chop Top Tornadoes, $3. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 ==================== URBAN ECOLOGY CENTER, Riverside […]