Archive | September 2003

Community Means Holding on for Life

by Tom Tolan – epilogue to a 6 part series There is a poem that says, “There is nothing you can really know/ Only holding on for life, and letting go.” Some people know quite well how to make commitments, but could use some practice in letting go. In this neighborhood, though, and in American […]

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A Puppet of the School Board?

by Jennifer Morales, 5th District Director, Milwaukee Board of School Directors Imagine you are running for Mayor of Milwaukee and a state legislator sympathetic to your campaign points out that with one piece of legislation she could multiply the clout you would have: double the size of your budget, bring thousands more employees under your […]

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New Land Enterprises’ Owner on Development

by Sonya Jongsma Knauss / photos by Vince Bushell With an unmistakably Russian accent, sitting at the kitchen table of a condo he built, sold, then later bought and lives in, [Boris Gokhman] describes how he got from there to here. He seems perfectly comfortable with his Milwaukee condo lifestyle. On leaving Ukraine, he says: […]

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