Archive | July 2003

The Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen

Tea Krulos interviews cartoonist Denis Kitchen “Why don’t you publish comics by women?” they said sternly. “There aren’t very many good women cartoonists,” I stupidly responded. They inched their chairs toward me again. “I’ll look harder,” I promised. The intimidation continued. Finally, one of them, I believe it was Jennie Orvino Sorcic, a local poet […]

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Brewzerkus: Adventures and Misadventures in St. Louis

by Nathan Hall As a response to the non-democratic World Agricultural Forum, many activists organized an event as an act of protest and education about the harmful nature of genetically modified organisms. The event was called Biodevistation 7. Just days before the demonstration, St. Louis police began staging ‘pre-emptive strikes’ on the activist community there […]

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Bikes for Tykes Program Launches

The kid rode up to the back of the shop every day, looking to fill up the tires on the Barbie bike. For weeks it continued, until Mario Costantini realized the little girl with a brightly-colored forest of beads and little braids on her head was a nine-year old boy named Tyrese, just desperate enough […]

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