Archive | June 2003

YMCA CDC – Riverwest Hires New Community Organizer

Jim is a Milwaukee native. His family has roots on 11th and Hadley Streets. Although his education took him out of the immediate area and he now lives on Honey Creek Parkway, his childhood memories are vintage west of the river. He fondly remembers going to get Wally’s home made sausages on Clarke and Booth.

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George Christianson Heads to WHEDA

Riverwest will soon have a friendly ear in Madison on housing and development issues. “During his six years with NMIDC, Christianson attracted $40 million in new development to the area,” WHEDA Executive Director Antonio Riley said. “His overall experience and his track record of long-term strategic planning will be assets to WHEDA.”

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Job Seekers Take a Stand for Family-Supporting Jobs

A young mother of three shared a story of leaving her job as a stripper to seek respectable employment — only to find she’d be trading a family-supporting income for a non-living wage. A young man recounted, through an interpreter, how he left Mexico to make a home in Milwaukee and is overwhelmed by the […]

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