Archive | May 2003

SEWRPC Advisory Committee Says Pave Everything, Raise Taxes

Ignoring the wishes of the Department of Transportation, the Department of Natural Resources, the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County supervisors, County Executive Scott Walker and other exurbanites on Wednesday endorsed the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission’s (SEWRPC’s) full 127-mile freeway widening plan.

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Rebecca Gilman’s Spinning Into Butter

Fortunately for the Milwaukee art community, the Off-Broadway Theatre (342 N. Water St.), had the courage to stage Rebecca Gilman’s Spinning Into Butter. Gilman’s play, set at a small liberal college in Vermont, confronts the insidious nature of racism while also exploring how political correctness can be a destructive agent in dealing with racism.

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A Chinese Medicine Approach to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome is a disabling, poorly understood multi-system illness. In the United States it has been referred to as the “yuppie flu.” The symptoms are an array of neurological, nueromuscular, and immunological abnormalities combined with cognitive impairment, disabling fatigue, and recurrent bouts of flu-like illness. These can be either short and mild […]

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