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Riverwest Investment Co-op Update

RIC will be hold its next meeting on Thursday, April 24, 7:00 p.m., at the YMCA CDC Office on 604 E. Center Street. RIC will be accepting new members/investors and will begin the process of establishing a permanent board of directors and officers. All residents of Riverwest are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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RNA Minutes

by Eryn Moris MINUTES – Riverwest Neighborhood Association, April 8, 2003, 7 p.m. Present: Christine Grota Merkel, Don Warren, George Salvat, Michael Goodson, Jerry Patzwald, Marshall Nickleson, Tom Stocco, Carol Lord, Claudine Lienau, Vince Bushell, Denise Benoit, Mark McInerney, Russ Davis, Dan Walrath, Rosalind Rae Johnston, Lorraine Jacobs, Tom Nehrbass, Greg Shelko, Jeffrey Barke, Bob […]

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Riverwest Investment Cooperative

As some of you already know, several of us Riverwesterners are getting into George Bailey’s Line of work by putting together an Investment Cooperative so that all Riverwesterners who want to be a part of the “Real Estate” development of our community can.

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Peace Action Center Volunteer Works For Justice

Peace in Iraq is not a new campaign for the Peace Action Center. It’s not a new campaign for volunteer Virgine Lawinger either. Lawinger, a volunteer at Peace Action Center, says the organization has been trying to help lift the sanctions since they were placed on Iraq in 1991.

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Group Shuts Down Army Recruitment Center

This time, nobody went to jail. Nine of the young people in the group who set out for the Army Recruitment Center at 3313 N. Oakland Ave. on Friday, March 8, were ready to go to jail. They fastened their wrists together with metal and fabric devices, with their lower arms inside white PVC pipe. […]

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