Archive | March 2003

The Largest “Vacant Lot” in Riverwest

by Peter Schmidtke The wind gusts stronger along Bremen Street, past the Riverwest Tavern on Auer Avenue. That’s because it knows it has three acres to gather steam. It’s not a UFO landing field, but it might as well be. A chain-linked fence with prickly barbed wire rings the perimeter, and a dozen or more […]

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by Jeff Johnson – en espanol On almost any evening at Club Caribe, or Club 99, or the Barceloneta Lounge, groups of four quiet men hunker over tables dedicated to dominoes. This ancient game of Chinese origin has a passionate following among the Hispanic residents of Riverwest. And not unlike the bowling leagues that grew […]

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Barnstorm 2003

by Eryn Moris More than 200 connoisseurs of culture from ages six to 60 crowded one of Riverwest’s more unique converted living spaces for Barnstorm 2003, on Friday, Feb. 15. The event was organized by former MIAD students Anne Bisone and Gina Kelly in conjunction with Nick Frisby, a resident of “The Barn,” a renovated […]

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