Archive | February 2003

RNA Minutes

The Riverwest Neighborhood Association (RNA) continues to work on its by-laws. Mark McInerney was introduced as a new community partner. Russ Davis, owner of Bella Luna Pasta and Cafe Vecchio Mondo, presented his proposal for a restaurant and retail facility in a vacant building at the east end of Center Street, adjacent to Gordon Park.

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Why Doesn’t Riverwest Have an Arts Complex?

Riverwest has always been home to artists and galleries. However, the disappearance of most of the affordable studio space in the neighborhood due to economic development is threatening the neighborhood’s viability as a place where artists can afford to live and work. One possible answer to this ongoing problem would be the development of a […]

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It is part of my mission to share with our readers those voices and views that are the least likely to be heard. Shante’ Stevens, a 15-year-old Milwaukee resident, composed the following poem just a few days before Dr. King’s Birthday. She is a member of The Girl’s Leadership Program at the YWCA Vel Phillips […]

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Eating From the Earth

Eating locally grown produce is a delicious and rare treat for city residents. When shopping at a supermarket, we usually find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that have every appearance of freshness. But most of our produce has traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles before arriving in our stores.

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