Archive | February, 2003

COA Awarded Grant for “Riverwest Fights Back”

COA Youth & Family Centers was awarded a $70,000 grant from Milwaukee’s Fighting Back initiative. During 2003, Riverwest Fights Back will develop and deliver drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention based youth programs using a four-pronged approach: agency, family, school, and community.

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The”World”of COA Teens

The new mural in the teen room at COA Youth & Family Centers jumps right out at you. You can’t miss it. Teens at COA were “given the wall” and decided what to do and what to paint. Their vision was to create a mural that depicts COA and the world that opens up to […]

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“First Class Value” or Overpriced Homes?

by Vince Bushell Brewers Hill is a “vintage neighborhood” with “first class value” according to the brochure for Brewers Hill Commons…. Few of the existing “vintage” neighbors could afford one of the new homes, which start at $269,00 and can easily top $300,000…. The photo [to the left] shows a sign illustrating the facades of […]

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