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Foreclosure: Losing Your Home

Foreclosure is the legal process by which a local government takes title to a property. Milwaukee County is the local government body that would take this action as a last resort when all other efforts at collection of unpaid property taxes had failed. The foreclosure process can begin in Milwaukee County after your taxes have […]

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2003 Riverwest Events Calendar

These neighborhood events attract hundreds, even thousands of people to Riverwest. If you are interested in participating, contact the person listed beneath each event. All events are posted monthly on the Riverwest Currents website. March 15 — St. Patrick’s Pub Crawl (3rd annual) The Pub Crawl was started in 2001 by Erik Peterson. The Crawl […]

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RT’s Primal Screens

by Chris Barncard RT began sculpting 25 years ago at age 15, but it took quite some time to come around to the medium on which he focuses. Though born in Dubuque, Iowa, RT made wire harnesses for the U.S. Department of Energy for three years after graduating from a technical college. It was while […]

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Finding Freedom at the Corner of Booth and Glover

by Langston M. Verdin-Williams Streets are named after presidents, respected individuals, cities, states, or simply numbers, but two intersecting Riverwest streets share a special connection to each other and hold special meaning for Milwaukee. In 1857, the city of Milwaukee named a street after a local abolitionist, Sherman Booth. Eight years ago, it named an […]

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