Archive | January, 2003

Gotu Kola

Looking for a tonic for the midwinter blues? Got a case of cabin fever? How about a cup of tea that can brighten up your whole day? Try Gotu kola for a ray of sunshine into the dark chilly corners of your midwinter mind.

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Caution! it’s Cabin Fever Season

The days are getting longer, but it’s too early to think about spring. It’s still dark before you get home from work. You’re starting to resent getting up before the sun. It’s SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) time. We’re deprived of the light. Grumpy and restless. No energy or inclination to exercise. Cruising the refrigerator for

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Oh Cosmic Particle Undefined!

Riverwest hugs the River and the River hugs back. Most of the land in the River Valley as it runs through the neighborhood has been allowed to revert to wildness. Eudemon hikes down the trail to the River through the Koenen land preserve at the Friend’s Center….

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