Archive | November, 2002

RNA Minutes

News, Upcoming Events, Kilbourn/Reservoir Park status, Mian’s Gas Station Update, Ways to Keep Riverwest YMCA-CDC open, Holton St. Integrated Neighborhood Revitalization Grant, RNA Seeks Non-Profit status, Garden park update, Crime and Block Clubs

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Beneath Our Feet, Beneath Our Rivers

Flushing the toilet results in an out-of-sight, out-of-mind phenomenon. The construction on Humboldt Boulevard should remind us that the sewers exist as a web under our feet. From small to large, the sewer pipes lead to Jones Island where the wastewater is treated and returned to the lake free of solids and bacteria. The solid […]

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The State of Our Sewers: A Historical Perspective

by Michael Horne Related Article: Beneath Our Feet, Beneath Our Rivers An examination of the Milwaukee River after a sewage discharge does not present an encouraging sight. The best that can be said is that it’s nice to see that people are using condoms nowadays. As we debate the merits and failings of the Deep […]

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