Archive | October, 2002

What is Affordable Housing in Riverwest in 2003?

by Vince Bushell ABC Development is offering new townhomes for sale in Riverwest. It is interesting to note that these homes are at the low end in price for new construction. While the price may sound high to some, without subsidy it is unlikely that new construction can be had for much less than the […]

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Riverwest Commons

Eudemon walked into the Riverwest Commons on Locust Street to listen to some music and visit with the folks from the Currents who were having a party there Saturday night. Two Thik Micks were on stage playing Irish and traditional American tunes. Big bottles of Radegast, Czech beer named after the legendary woodsman from Eudemon’s […]

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Common Plantain

Here’s a plant you can find growing in your lawn, in vacant lots, even in the strips of grass beside the street. Its broad, oval leaves grow close to the ground in a dark green rosette. The smooth, thick leaves are 4 to 10 inches long with ribbed veins and long leaf stalk that is […]

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