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The Riverwest Neighborhood Association (RNA) met Tuesday, July 16, and much of the meeting was spent discussing how to respond to the city’s proposed cuts in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for neighborhood organizations (see article on page 4). Members decided as many people as possible needed to attend meetings to speak out against […]

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An Amazing Journey

Q. What is orange and black, weighs 0.75 grams (a dime is 2.3 grams), and can fly 1,700 miles? A. A Monarch Butterfly! During the middle of August through September, Milwaukeeans can witness the spectacular monarch migration. If it has been a productive summer and the weather is just right, it is possible to see […]

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Studio Space in Rivewest

by Mark Lawson In last month’s issue of the Riverwest Currents, this column outlined some of the original reasons that many artists decided to make Riverwest their home and studio location. Primarily, they were attracted by the abundance of storefronts and other relatively inexpensive spaces that were usable as studios and galleries. Originally these spaces […]