Archive | August 2002

A Poetic Look at Teenhood in Riverwest

by Tanya Cromartie-Twaddle There is an abundance of talent right here in our neighborhood. The children. The teens hanging on the corner. They are our future. We hear that statement and make it quite often. How do we view them? Are we afraid? Disappointed? Proud? Do they want to be our future? How do they […]

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Circle A

Eudemon climbed the couple of stairs at the entrance and opened the door. It sits right where Weil Street hits Chambers, next to the abandoned railroad. Circle A is an old small neighborhood bar with a little parking lot and a bike rack. Just as Eudemon expected, it was a small place with a few […]

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History of the Aurora Weier Center

The Center, primarily a high school serving “at risk” students in grades 9-12, is the brainchild of Aurora Weier. She was a Panamanian woman who married an American soldier and moved to Milwaukee with her husband. She saw education as the solution for many of the problems plagueing the Latino communities in the U.S. and […]

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