Archive | August 2002

History of the Aurora Weier Center

The Center, primarily a high school serving “at risk” students in grades 9-12, is the brainchild of Aurora Weier. She was a Panamanian woman who married an American soldier and moved to Milwaukee with her husband. She saw education as the solution for many of the problems plagueing the Latino communities in the U.S. and […]

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Elementary Schools in the Neighborhood

It’s that time of year again… time to think about September and the impending school year. Parents everywhere are breathing an anticipatory sigh of relief. Or perhaps quietly feeling a pang of sadness mixed with joy at the thought of their little darlings enrolling in school for the first time. If you have young kids […]

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Tamarack Community School Q&A

Administrator Lori Barien answers a few questions about Waldorf education and the Tamarack Community School. Q: Where did the name ‘Tamarack” come from? A: The name “Tamarack” refers to the Tamarack tree, which used to be very prevalent in Milwaukee. The roots of the Tamarack were harvested and used extensively in the shipbuilding industry. You […]

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