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What Makes this Publication Worth Supporting?

As one of the three publications that sprang out of Riverwest early this year, the Riverwest Currents has a well-defined niche. Unlike Vital Source or The Press, our primary audience is not city or county-wide. Our focus is first on the Riverwest neighborhood. . . . Our main focus is not consumption, whether it be of disposable goods, arts, entertainment, etc. But it’s a tricky line to walk, because newspapers depend on advertisers to stay afloat.

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Southwest and Tex-Mex Music at Gilfest

by Kathy Sahagian

One of the more unusual and enjoyable small festivals in Milwaukee is Gilfest. It’s small in size but big on national recording artists and heart. Gil has earned a reputation as a true music lover through his intimate concerts in his upstairs lounge. His yearly festival covers Tex-Mex, rockabilly, country and other folk music paired up with good food, games for children and community charity. The proceeds this year will assist a local woman who has cancer with her medical bills.

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August 2002

Riverwest residents who were looking forward to the opening of Lena’s grocery store in the old Kohl’s building on Holton will have to wait a couple months…