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The River’s Bend: Mandel’s Housing Development Plan for Humboldt Yards

by Vince Bushell

A housing development is being proposed for the nearby bluff and slopes of the Humboldt Yards. The entire development goes by the name of RiverCrest, which at least rhymes with Riverwest. As part of the development, a pedestrian bridge may someday link the east and west banks of the Milwaukee River pictured here between Caesar’s Park and the Humboldt Yards. The bridge would sit atop the remains of the North Avenue dam.

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Emil Kuester

by Sonya Jongsma Knauss

Emil Kuester has watched Center Street change from a quiet neighborhood with stores on every corner to a street peppered with empty storefronts. Now, from his front porch, he’s watching it come back to life.

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What Makes this Publication Worth Supporting?

As one of the three publications that sprang out of Riverwest early this year, the Riverwest Currents has a well-defined niche. Unlike Vital Source or The Press, our primary audience is not city or county-wide. Our focus is first on the Riverwest neighborhood. . . . Our main focus is not consumption, whether it be of disposable goods, arts, entertainment, etc. But it’s a tricky line to walk, because newspapers depend on advertisers to stay afloat.