Archive | June 2002

Me on Gentrification

I moved up here in 1994 from a small town down south. Everyone back home in my hood looked the same. We all enjoyed the same things. Cheap apartments or shotgun shacks. New used cars. We dressed in Target and flea market wardrobes. Boring, but comfortable and familiar! Most of the well-to-do lived in communities […]

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CoHousing — An Alternative Way to Live

by Vince Bushell The following is a summary of a presentation given in Madison at the Friends Meeting House by Nick Meima on May 16. Meima lives in a Cohousing community in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and he also designs and helps develop new Cohousing communities. Madison has at least one Cohousing community with about 18 […]

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by Marena Kehl Have you heard of cohousing? Cohousing is an idea which has been actualized throughout history, and currently flourishes in Denmark, Norway, Germany, France, and the United States. There is at least one successful cohousing community in Madison (at the corner of Mills and Mound Streets). A cohousing community is a group of […]

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