Archive | April, 2002

Riverwest Continues to Become More Bike Friendly

The number of Riverwest establishments offering a rack to park your bike is growing. Erik Peterson recently installed bike racks at Falcon Bowl (2), Riverwest Artists Association, Click, 2565 N. Fratney — an office/storefront lower, currently under construction and looking for a tenant, Woodland Pattern, and R-Evolution Bookshop and Cafe. He will be putting bike […]

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Some Views from Here

How I Spend My Time By Monica Ledbetter (14) Time with friends after school is spent talking on the phone, listening to music, and most of all, doing my homework. Phone conversations are about boys and girls; who is going out with who and who was talking about who. There is a time out for […]

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EARTH DAY: Keeping our Neighborhood Green

by Vince Bushell Green Infrastructure is a term that describes the web of parks, fields, trails, woods, vacant land that make up the undeveloped portion of the urban landscape. Milwaukee neighborhoods need to develop a vision to preserve, promote, and link these resources with a comprehensive plan. Milwaukee River Valley neighborhoods like Riverwest, Brewers Hill, […]

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