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Optician With a Vision

Story and photo by Laura Richard Walking into Bronze Optical felt like walking into someone’s home. Cozy rooms were filled with strategically placed antique furniture. No florescent lights. Bronze immediately greeted me with a smile and asked if I cared to join him for a cup of tea. ……. Continue Reading Club 99: Muy Sabroso […]

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Marianne herrmann & Wendy basel & Darby & Alex

Story and Photo by Ellen C. Warren There’s a flourishing subculture in Riverwest which is outside the radar of many of its inhabitants. This bunch doesn’t actually recognize itself as a group, but the members are quite likely to recognize each other’s faces and, even more likely, to recognize each other’s dogs. For that matter, […]

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Business Briefs

Read about these four businesses: Top Star Vision Eye Art Glass Aquatics Smash Wireless ……. Continue Reading Fresh! Fresh! Fresh! New Vegetarian Lunch Buffet at Shahrazad by Jean Scherwenka “Roughly 40% of our regular customersare vegetarians,” says Nazer Barakat,chef and co-owner of ShahrazadMiddle Eastern restaurant at 2847 N.Oakland. A full menu page is dedicatedto vegetarian […]

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Woodland Pattern Nurtures And Grows Young Poets

by Mary Vuk Julie Strand, Educational Coordinator of Woodland Pattern, said that students take pride in writing a poem. “Poetry isn’t always viewed as the most exciting or cool art form, but in our programs students get to write and say exactly what they want and know that their thoughts and experiences are worth something. […]

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