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vedale RAA jan 16 web)

February RAA Artist Profile 2016

Vedale and Darren Hill  – Art and Karma by Elizabeth Vogt photo by John Rubartsch Here we are in Milwaukee—Smallwaukee, Killwaukee, a city of festivals, industrial rebirth, and lakeside marvels, a city of gun violence and segregation—our city. We all have our rounds here: work, play, people, and places. Some of the turf is so […]

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Kelly Meyer

March RAA Artist Profile 2016

Kelly Meyer  RAA Artist Profile  by Elizabeth Vogt photo by John Ruebartsch     Making music is essential to us humans; it predates cave art and is practiced in every known human culture. Nonetheless, these rhythms and melodies that make us dance, cry, and fall in love are an enigma. Charles Darwin described our human abilities […]

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