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‘Home Gr/Own’ Project

City Plans to Make ‘Lemonade’ With ‘Home Gr/Own’ Project by Peggy Schulz

Collaborate:  To work or labor with.  Innovate:  To make new. Lemonade:  A positive product or result arising out of the manipulation of negative or “sour” circumstances.

The City of Milwaukee’s “Home Gr/Own” proposal was named one of 20 finalists in the Bloomberg Challenge early last month.  In essence, the program will transform some of the more than 3,000 vacant lots and nearly 1,000 foreclosed homes which the city – unfortunately – owns, into creative, productive uses, including urban agriculture and urban homesteading.


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Crime In Riverwest – Up?

In response to a growing concern that crime in Riverwest is escalating as of late, the Riverwest Currents spoke with Lieutenant Cliff Harrison, who is in command at District 5 during Captain Gordon’s brief absence.

Police statistics tell us that burglaries in Riverwest are down 50% from last year. The last few weeks have shown an increase which, although undesirable, is not unusual as we are entering into the holiday season. According to Lt. Harrison crime is cyclical and the coming season is a high cycle. A small piece of good news is that an arrest was recently made of a person responsible for five burglaries in the area.

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NEW YEAR, NEW WORLD 2013!present.


ALL PEOPLES CHURCH 2600 N 2nd St, Food Pantry, 1-2PM 

CIRCLE A 932 E Chambers, Lazy (Kansas City), Free Retards (Madison), Technicolor Teeth 8PM 

FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE 3224 N Gordon Pl, Non-Violent Communication Practice Group (every Wed) 7-9PM 

LINNEMAN’S  1001 E Locust, Acoustic Open Stage: TBA 9PM Sign-up, 9:30 Start, 

PINK HOUSE STUDIO 601 E Wright, Invigorating Yoga (mixed level) 6-7:25PM



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Calender December 2012

  On going events in December AT END OF CALENDAR LISTINGS 1 SATURDAY     ***FOR HOLIDAY FAIRS, MUSIC & HAPPENINGS – See Page 10 & 11.   ART BAR 722 E Burleigh, House of Peace Fundraiser & Toy Drive 3PM CIRCLE A 932 E Chambers, Picture The Ocean (Canada) 8PM / DJ Brett Allen 10PM JAZZ GALLERY […]

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Co-op Workshop At All Peoples


Agenda for the Learning Community

Co-operative Model, Community Owned Commerce  Vince Bushell, Peter Murphy and Lisa Schelling Riverwest and
Public House Co-op Boards Co-op Alliance Steering Committee


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Neighbor Spotlight • Vikki Porter

Story and Photo by Suzanne Zipperer
People come to community service and activism in different ways. For many, it’s the idealism of youth tied with a strong ego that tells you that you can change the world. Others face an obstacle or tragedy that defines their mission – a loved one killed by a drunk driver; their child is challenged with a disability; a visit to a landfill opens their eyes. 

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A Call for Federal Investigation of MPD

By George Martin

How can we talk about torture at Abu Gharib and not talk about police brutality right here at home? Having been to Iraq and lived in Milwaukee, there are too many similarities. Peace Action WI has joined with the NAACP, MICAH, ACLU and other community organizations in working together for a federal investigation of our Milwaukee Police Department MPD) and institutional change.

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