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Plight of Single Mothers

I did a double take “no, he didn’t say that!” when I read the mayor’s ignorant claim (October issue) that the “root cause” of current youth crime is a high rate of teen births in 1993. I was repulsed by his bias and disappointed that Riverwest Currents gave a voice to his foolish bigotry. Then […]

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Patricia Coloton-Walsh at the new Loop location in the Alterra Riverwest complex.

Yarn Shop Gets New Location in Alterra Complex

Happy to be part of the new Alterra building on Humboldt Blvd., Caitlin Walsh and Patricia Colloton-Walsh are opening their yarn shop in Riverwest this month. Loop, as their business is called, is here to serve the growing numbers, young and old, who have discovered the delight of working with fiber, whether it be knitting, […]

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OMG development rendering showing southeast face of building.

$355K Comes In Late; Holton Plan Approved

On September 25, the Milwaukee Common Council approved the rezoning of the site at the northwest corner of Holton and Brown for the development of a 53-unit, five storey building. The proposal had been stuck in committee for over a year. Why was it so long in coming? And why, when the development itself received […]

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Sturgeon were native to both the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan. The DNR has been stocking fingerlings and some adult sturgeon for several years now. This adult sturgeon, which can reach 5 ft. in length, was released in October of 2005 in Kern Park.

Groundswells and Ripples: The Community and the River

Unlike the lengthy waterways of Green Bay and Chicago, the rivers of Milwaukee do not go much of anywhere. You can’t get to New Orleans or even Madison by canoe from here, but you can dock a really big boat. “The port of Milwaukee has the broadest bay and deepest channels on the western shores […]

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