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Coach Marian Hanen (left) addresses Polish Falcon team preparing for a meet in July.

Polish Falcons: A Cure for Couch Potato Kids

THE music starts and 15 children line up in formation. They bend, they stretch, they raise their arms in motions that seem a cross between a march and a dance. They are grouped on mats that cover the floor of the Polish Falcons Hall. On another mat-covered area, three little girls get a welcoming hug […]

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What I Stole On My Summer Vacation

Many of us remember having to write the dreaded essay explaining what we did during our summer months away from school. We might have gone to summer camp, or on a trip with our parents. Maybe we got involved in sports, took up a hobby, or just spent the summer reading every book in the […]

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Is it Legal to Compost in the City?

Q: Is it legal to compost in the City?   A: It sure is. But some restrictions apply. There is, in fact, a City ordinance for composting. It states that uncooked vegetables cannot be mixed into the pile unless you take a class at a local organization and you must have a certificate showing successful […]

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Claire Moore. Photo by Vince Bushell.

Claire Moore

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, or perhaps I should say experiencing, Claire Moore, maybe you caught the Art Cart Race at last month’s Center Street Daze. Claire was one of those pink-shrouded lovelies cavorting on and around the “Pink House” cart, doing their best to thwart their opponents’ progress at the turn, […]

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