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Disagreement Over RNA Direction

Appearing this month instead of the usual editorial essay and reader letters, is an open letter from Nancy Vogel regarding her resignation from the Riverwest Neighborhood Association (RNA) board and a response from the RNA board. Vogel is the fifth board member to resign this year.

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2648 N. Weil St.

Brophy Declares Bankruptcy

Lawsuit Claim Deadline Extended to September 14 TWO years ago, landlord Tim Brophy hid under one of his tenant’s beds, hoping the police wouldn’t find him. They did. The city was after him then — and still — because of unpaid property taxes and outstanding fines relating to code violations on his vast collection of […]

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Riverwest Stein Beer Label

20 Years of Lakefront

RIVERWEST has found another excuse to raise a glass of its self-titled beverage. This year is the 20th anniversary of the beer that made a neighborhood famous: Riverwest Stein. Towards the end of 1987, commercial production began at the Lakefront Brewery, an operation that Ann Pogorelc of Tony’s Tavern in Walker’s point still refers to […]

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Father Groppi and Open Housing Marchers

March On Milwaukee!

PEOPLE who have taken part in protests and group actions report a kind of euphoria – some say it’s as powerful as falling in love. “Action fever,” they call it.  Milwaukee audiences are sure to feel some emotional heat if they attend March On Milwaukee, Margaret Rozga’s dramatic memoir. The scene with Christmas carolers outside […]

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